abc logoDave Goheen's ABCs of Rhododendrons

1. What is a Species?

2. What is a Hybrid?

3. Who Can Cross with Whom?

4. Taxonomy of Rhododendrons

5. Modern Taxonomic Rhododendron Grouping

6. Hardiness of Rhododendrons

7. Site Selection for Rhododendrons

8. Planting Rhododendrons

9. Fungal and Insect Enemies

10. Shaping and Pruning Rhododendrons

11. Creating New Rhododendron Varieties

12. Collecting and Germinating Seed

13. Growing Germinated Seedlings

14. Transplanting Young Rhododendrons

15. Vegetative Propagation by Cuttings

16. Using Hormones to Root Cuttings

17. Propagation by Grafting and Layering

18. Growing in Less than Ideal Conditions

19. Plant Identification and Labeling

20. Compatible Companion Plants

21. Selecting Compatible Shrubs and Small Trees

22. Compatible Trees with Interesting Foliage

23. Compatible Large Trees and Flowering Trees

24. Growing Fragrant Rhododendrons

25. Showing Rhododendrons in Public Competitions

26. Rewards of Growing Rhododendrons as a Hobby

27. Naming and Describing Rhododendron Varieties