Who says rhododendron enjoyment comes only in spring?

Some people will even grant you that there's a fall season, mostly of foliage, for some members of the rhododendron genus. This applies mainly to the deciduous azaleas and to a few rhodies that will throw some flowers in late October or November - BUT DON'T FORGET WINTERTIME!

At the end of December 2003, just before New Year, the weather in Portland, Oregon (USA) went from warm and wet to cold and dry. Many of the rhododendrons and azaleas were impacted by the freezing fog.

Heavy frost on a bud of the hybrid Medusa.

This batch of frost hung on for most of the day. Here the frost is just starting to melt at 2 PM.

Many of the deciduous azaleas show great fall colors. But they usually don't have many leaves left at the end of December.

This small leaved evergreen azalea (below left) has so much frost that from a distance its leaves appear more like flowers. A larger leaved azalea on the right has frost mainly around the leaf margins.