A Rhododendron Picture Gallery

Here are pictures of a large variety of rhododendrons in bloom. Enjoy the amazing diversity among both hybrid and species rhododendrons illustrated here.

Some Hybrid Rhododendrons

Azor Azor Blue Peter Blue Peter Cavelcade Cavalcade Cunningham's White Cunningham's White Frank Gallsworthy Frank Gallsworthy
Ginger Ginger Graf Zeppelin Graf Zeppelin Hotei Hotei Karin Karin Lem's Cameo Lem's Cameo
Lem's Stormcloud Lem's Stormcloud Malta Malta Midnight Mystique Midnight Mystique Mist Maiden Mist Maiden Naselle Naselle
Percy Wiseman Percy Wiseman P.J.M. P.J.M. Purple Splendor Purple Splendor Ramapo Ramapo Rosebud Rosebud
Sappho Sappho Shamrock Shamrock Taurus Taurus Trude Webster Trude Webster Winsome Winsome

... and some Species Rhododendrons

r. ambiguum r. ambiguum r. augustinii r. augustinii r. bureauvii r. bureauvii, Lem's form r. cinnabarinum r. cinnabarinum r. dauricum r. dauricum
r.davidsonianum r. davidsonianum r. groenlandicum r. groenlandicum r. lutescens r. lutescens r. occidentale r. occidentale r. pachysanthum r. pachysanthum
r. racemosum r. racemosum r. reticulatum r. reticulatum r. rirei r. rirei r. trichostomum r. trichostomum r. zaleucum r. zaleucum