Winners at Portland Chapter Shows


Early Show

Category Winner Entry
Best Under Protection Ray & Ann Clack Countess of Haddington
Best Hybrid Van Veen Nursery Gletchernacht
Best Species Dick & Karen Cavender R. spinuliferum
Best Azalea Peter Kendall Samite
Best from a Novice No entries
Most Points Van Veen Nursery 84 points

Mothers' Day Show

Class Category Winner Entry
Color Brotherton Trophy Joanne Turner Unknown
1 Dr. S. Berthelsdorf Trophy Joanne Turner R. aberconwayi
50 Elsie Bailey Mem Trophy Dick & Karen Cavender R. occidentale SM 608
49, 49H Rae Berry Memorial Trophy Dick & Karen Cavender R. calendulaceum
1AFJLOS Bob Bovee Trophy Bob & Gretchen O'Brien R. primuliforium
45 Novice Trophy Byron Hobby Unknown
Color Ralph & Faith Christensen Memorial Trophy Joanne Turner Jim's Blueberry Jam
35,1Z Christensen Family Trophy No entries
37F Earl & Frances Hopkins Memorial Trophy Joanne Turner Very Berry
48 The Egan Trophy Dick & Karen Cavender Azalea hybrid
48 Fred Meyer Trophy Ray & Ann Clack Elsie Lee
Color Kathy Van Veen Memorial Trophy Ray & Ann Clack Medusa
48C Henny & Wennekamp Trophy Mike & Maria Stewart Azalea luteum #2
41, 42 Robert L. Furniss Memorial Trophy Mike & Maria Stewart Sister Wine Fuchsia (Kilimanjaro x Pink Petticoats)
Color Portland Nursery Trophy Joanne Turner Sunny Day
1Y 1 & 23A&B Red’s Rhodies Trophy No entries
22 Stewart Trophy Joanne Turner Vintage Rose
Color Cecil & Molly Smith Trophy Joanne Turner Loderi "White Diamond"
10 Betty Spady Memorial Trophy Mike & Maria Stewart Scintillation
Color Van Veen Nursery Trophy Mike & Maria Stewart Queen Anne's x Purple Splendour
11A Theo. Van Veen Sr. Memorial Trophy David Anderson & Andrew Stern Vulcan Sun
Color John & Loretta Welsh Trophy Van Veen Nursery Lem's Monarch
Best of Show President’s Species Trophy Dick & Karen Cavender R. calendulaceum
Best of Show President’s Hybrid Trophy Van Veen Nursery Lem's Monarch
Most Points ARS Portland Chapter Trophy Dick & Karen Cavender 83 points
* Category that applies generally rather than to a specific Class.