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Winter Solstice Potluck & Gift Exchange

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Cutting Exchange:

The Portland Chapter conducts a Rhododendron cutting exchange annually. This is an opportunity for members to share cuttings of their favorite rhododendrons with their fellow members. Although rare or hard to obtain species or varieties are preferable, more common types that do well for you are also desirable. Of course, deciduous varieties would not be suitable for distribution in the fall.

Collect cuttings that you wish to donate during the cool part of the day and as close to the meeting date as practical. Select those from stems that are not developing flower buds. Although the recipient could remove the flowering bud before sticking them in the cutting medium, they never root as easily as ones that have no flowering bud. Also, select cuttings that do not have apparent lace bug damage because they will likely have this insect's eggs on the leaves. These eggs most likely will hatch and infest this and other cuttings in the recipient's cutting bench. Once the cuttings are removed from the plant, dip them into water to throughly wet them, place in a plastic bag (without shaking off the water), along with a tag that shows the name of the plant and your name, written in pencil. Place the bags in the refrigerator until its time to leave for the meeting. Provide three cuttings for each donation if there are enough available. Three is the optimal number of cuttings for the recipient to have a reasonable opportunity for success. If they are successful with all the cuttings, they will have plants to offer as door prizes or to our two yearly plant sales. The individual cutting should have a stem that is long as practicable. Since the stem cut tends to heal itself somewhat, the recipient of your donation will want to re-cut the stem before applying a hormone.

This is a good opportunity to encourage propagation of rhododendrons vegetatively and make much goodwill with your fellow members. Some recipient may even thank you for your generosity!


The Chapter conducts plant auctions at three of our meetings: October, species rhododendrons; February, companion plants; April, hybrid rhododendrons. Members donate the plants. Many rare and unusual plants are offered at good prices.

Winter Solstice Potluck & Gift Exchange:

6:30 PM: Social hour; set-up and decorate the tables
7:00 PM: Dinner

Potluck: Bring your favorite dish to share.

Gift-exchange: Bring one or more inexpensive gifts to share. Wrapping adds appeal.

Program: Our members present a program of their own slides: plants, gardens, travels, and memories, 10-15 slides per person, presented from a laptop with a digital projector. Bring your own slide projector if you need one, or contact the chapter’s president to see if one can be provided.

Annual Business Meeting:

The Annual Meeting to elect officers and directors as well as to conduct other business is held at the Chapter's April meeting.

Awards Banquet:

6:30 PM: Social hour; set-up.
7:00 PM: Dinner

Potluck: Main dishes will be provided; bring your favorite salads and desserts to share.

Awards: The winners from the Mothers' Day Show and any awards from the Chapter will be announced.